Iconic Attractions in Sabah

With the wealth of natural wonders of the world, Sabah provides some of the best experiences for nature lovers and great instagrammable moments.

Mount Kinabalu - one of the highest peak in South-East Asia and a world heritage site.

Maliau basin called the “lost world” often dubbed as Sabah's lost world is one of the world's most dense and untouched rainforests.

Sipadan was hailed by Sir David Attenborough as being one of the world's most beautiful diving spots, it has drawn divers from all over the world and its a world heritage site.

Sepilok, the orangutan sanctuary is home to Sabah's iconic wildlife, ie the orangutan. They continue to capture the love and imagination of tourists and locals alike.

The Rafflesia, dubbed the world's largest flower is a carnivorous plant which blooms seasonally and can grow up to 100cm in diameter

White Water Rafting in Padas River. If you love water rafting and outdoor activities, you should not miss this trip!

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